Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If I have said it before, I am sorry, I am saying again.  This morning I heard a story on the news that just twisted my bubble.  All the way to the office I was trying to wrap my head around the issue; what would my blog post say.  Unfrickinbelievable. 

This is the news story that I am referring to and the one that put my panties in a bunch.  http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_19581680    The ever stupid Mayor of Los Angeles as decided, because of pressure from immigrant rights groups (this is an entirely different blog post (AND OXYMORON)  in itself), has asked that the LAPD suspend its policy to impound vehicles of non licensed drivers. This policy stands for all people, not just those of illegal status, but its because of their pressure that it's now being suspended. Why?  because illegals can't get a license.  Yes and anyone who is pulled over now, and does not have license to drive a vehicle, can have a licensed driver come get the vehicle.   Why, oh because the poor (as they are referring too...but we all know its illegals) can't afford to get their car out of impound.  Yes, because, they must have a license and valid insurance to get it out!!!  This is just one more way of avoiding the rules in place that everyone else seems to have to follow. 

This could save the drivers thousands of dollars in impound and towing fees, which many poor families can't afford, defenders say.
"A lot of drivers can't get their licenses because they're undocumented, not because they don't know how to drive," said Gilbert


Saucedo, a Los Angeles-based attorney working to ease city's car impound policy.
"When you take somebody's car, and they can't get it back for 30 days, they can't get to work. They can't get their kids to school. It's a huge burden."

Well listen here, I have a huge burden with this whole policy being pushed under the rug!   They talk about getting their kids to school, that they contribute to the economy..Really?  Then why does every interview speak about how they come here to make money and send back home to where ever the hell they came from???

Now mind you, I am all for people who want to come here - no beef with that.  Just do it the right way. 

Back to this burden thing...Hey Mayor, did you ever happen to think that maybe, with less cars on the road (which there should be anyway, cause you know, illegals aren't supposed to be driving) we would have less road issues, less traffic, less maintenance, less pot holes - there, i said it, less costs incurred by the police for traffic issues, and SO many other things I can't even wrap my head around.  But no, that Mayor in LA doesn't think like that.... I sure hope someone stands up to this.  Surely the police can't think its a good idea?