Friday, April 30, 2010

The future is in the cards

Hmmm.. I have heard this saying many times, but never thought too much about it until a friend called and invited me to have my cards read this weekend.  My initial response was "oh hell no," but in all honesty, I really did want to have it done.  

I gather the sudden rush that flushed my body was both that of fear and excitement. Why I wanted to say yes,  there was still that feeling of apprehension.  I don't want or need any bad news.  I suppose I could stipulate at the beginning that I don't want to know anything bad.  But what would be the point?  Suppose there were good things and bad things in the cards...but the only way the good things would come true is if I was able to change the bad things first.  But how would I know if I didn't let them tell me the whole story... Ugh my mind is spinning.  

This reminds me of my aunt at a doctors appointment.  Her chart clearly states on the front in big, bold letters, DO NOT TELL PATIENT ANY BAD NEWS.  She doesn't want to know.  She has also has made it abundantly clear to them that she does not do tests that require her to disrobe and don't tell her how much she weighs or what her blood pressure is.  Just continue to give her prescriptions necessary and she is happy.  Ignorance or stupidity?  I suppose it's a little of both for her, but for me and the prospect of getting my cards read and future told, I think neither apply.  

Knowing what our future holds is not the norm.  Will I like what I hear?  What if I tell her to not give me bad news and she says okay...and walks out!!!!  OMG!  

So, do I?