Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rock for Vets

For those of you who remember, the vets that came home from Vietnam were battered and not given the heroes welcome as was the case in Desert Storm and Iraq.  Since then, Americans figured out that our troops deserve a lot more credit and recognition than we can give, but "give" is the operative word.  A friend of mine, who happens to be a drummer...(anyone remember Little River Band?...) is the president of an organization called The Rock Club. They do just that...they rock.  Their mission is admirable and fun as hell....who wouldn't want to teach people to rock?   Anyway, you should check out their site, but I really wanted to highlight and draw attention to an upcoming event.  The Rock for Vets concert is going to be held on May 31st (Memorial Day) and has a great group of headliners.  So, I am attaching the links and all you need.... If you can attend, great, buy your tickets today.  If you cant, but would like to help by buying a ticket for a vet to attend, that would be awesome.

ROCK THE VET CONCERT - MAY 31st - Walter Pyramid - CSULB

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