Monday, July 26, 2010

Hughs' Bite Nite - today is the day

This is it folks...yes, I said folks.  Today is the day that we've been planning - Hugh's Bite Nite. I had a dream about it last night, there were lines of people waiting to get in - ppl were still smiling because they new it was for such a wonderful family - they didn't care about the lines.  *sigh

I saw Hugh yesterday and got very emotional.  I tried to be nothing but upbeat for him, but I broke down.  He hasn't wanted visitors lately.  Last we saw him was when he was in ICU.  He looked good then, but he really looks good now.  

Walking down the long hall to his room was quite disturbing.  I can only imagine how Shelley does this everyday, yet still puts on her positive attitude for Hugh.  I would go home and break down each night too.  Just the sounds as you walk down the long corridors to the main lobby.... you needn't look in to any of the rooms you are passing, you already know.  

I was quite relieved to see Hugh....his cute, but rather devious, grin, waiting to see us.  It filled my heart with such joy.  I was fine up in till he mentioned something about trying...not doing...but trying.  I won't get into specifics, but I lost it.  I went over and hugged him and cried. 

 I mean't everything I said to you Hugh.... you are not alone in this fight.  It does take a village... I feel so old saying this, but I am realizing that it's SO true.  

It will take time to heal... but I know you will.  It will take time to get home, but I know you will.  You will feel like a burden at times, but you're not. You will want to do things you can't right now, but you will.  Bottom line: YOU WILL.  

I hope that today is the success I imagined it would be.  I hope that YOU WILL come support this wonderful family.  I WILL. 

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